A trip up Glen Roy to look at the famous Parallel Roads

The mysterious parallel lines that are traced along the sides of Glen Gloy, Glen Roy and Glen Spean are internationally famous, and were subject to great controversy between such famous figures as Darwin and Agassiz. Glen Roy is also a National Nature Reserve and our Darwin’s Rest Cafe and Craft Shop is situated at the entrance to the valley in Roy Bridge, with a permanent exhibition to the Parallel Roads.

Glen Roy classicFirst stop

Meet up at Darwin’s Rest for an introduction to the area. This includes a video and a history of why the “Roads” created so much of a fascination in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Second stop

Drive up the glen to the view point just below the 260m shoreline. Walk up to the “Road” and see the levels come into line. Discuss Darwin’s ideas and how it differed from Louis Agassiz’s theory.

Third stop

On the return journey stop to examine the settlement layers laid down when the glacial lake was in existence.

Fourth stop

Travel to above the Spean Gorge and see the effect of the jokulhlaup that drained the lake.

Walking difficulty

This is a very easy walk. A 3 – 5 minute walk up a  grassy hill (can be slippy, appropriate footwear needed)  allows one to actually stand upon the lowest road, and the second and third roads can also be reached in a matter of minutes from the car park. There are options to stop and go down to the river, this can be muddy and requires good boots.

Bus Prices

These prices are correct at the time of writing and include the cost of hiring a bus and driver for this journey.


Half Day Trip Full Day Trip
16 Seater £240 £260
29 Seater £260 £290
39 Seater £290 £320
49 Seater £320 £350