282 Munros in Scotland and roughly 70 are in Lochaber!

Munros are mountains over 915m (3000ft)


The Munros were first listed as such in 1891, when Sir Hugh Munro published his list. The reason for such a list was that at the time it was unknown how many mountains were over 3000 feet in Scotland, with estimates ranging from 31 to 236! The Scottish Mountaineering Club set out to produce an accurate answer and one of its founding members, Sir Hugh Munro, was tasked with the challenge.

 The challenge

To climb all 282 Munros is the classic walkers dream and over 5,000 people have achieved this so far. There are also many variants such as doing a winter ascent of them all, or even the fastest round trip, with the record currently standing at 40 days for all 282!

The Lingo

This is very important, as one doesn’t just climb a Munro, one ‘bags’ a Munro. And should you be heading out with the purpose of collecting all 282, you’re a bagger!