National Recognition

3 National Nature Reserves, 5 National Scenic Areas, 26 Sites of special Scientific Interest, 64 Geological Conservation Review Sites…… and all in one Geopark

Lochaber is a truly unique place, just deciding where to start is a task in itself. So here’s a handy reference page to help you on your journey.

National Nature Reserves

From ancient Mossy Oak-wood forests to the famous parallel roads, the 3 NNRs protect unique habitats and ecosystems, helping preserve rare animals and plant life.

National Scenic Areas

Places of unsurpassed beauty that must be protected. Some are unmissable, like the mighty Glen Coe Valley, others like Knoydart can only be accessed by a days hiking or a boat ride and are virtually uninhabited.

 Sites of Special Scientific Interest

An area may be a SSSI as a result of having unique geological, habitats, animals, plant-life or a combination of these. The largest of these sites in Lochaber is over 100 square km!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGeological Conservation Review Sites

GCRS are areas of rocks, minerals, fossils and land-forms of national interest. Lochaber Geopark has an impressive 64.

We love hearing stories from visitors about their favourite Geosite, NNR, NSA or SSSI. Why not send us an email or Facebook message with your experiences and top tips. Let’s spread the word!

” There is a wonderful, relatively unknown, Geosite called the Muidhe some 4km west of Glenfinnan. It lies only a short distance above the road (NM 858 814), but is not visible to motorists travelling west on the Road to the Isles. However, a short climb up the hillside from a large layby soon leads to a wonderful display of glaciated slabs.” Noel Williams, Director of the Lochaber Geopark