Britain’s Deepest Loch

Loch Morar, which is situated near the coastal village of Morar, is the deepest freshwater loch in the British Isles.

Loch Morar. Deepest Loch

The deepest loch in Britain

At 310m (1017ft) deep, it is deeper than much of the seabed off the west coast of Scotland.

The loch fills a steep-sided rock basin carved out by glaciers. It is 18km (12 miles) long and over 2km (1mile) wide in places.

The water from Loch Morar spills down to the sea along the River Morar. At one time it drained further south across the Mointeach Mhòr, but this route became blocked by glacial debris.

Things to do

Loch Morar is a popular holiday spot on the picturesque Road to the Isles from Fort William to Mallaig and is an excellent place for paddling. The area is also a walkers’ paradise, with something for every level. There is also excellent fishing. For more details visit


A great opportunity to see Otters, Red Deer and Sea Eagles. Time to get the camera and do your best David Attenborough impression.

Otters in Lochaber

But watch out if you’re on the water. Loch Morar is also rumoured to be home to a relative of the Loch Ness monster, known as Morag!

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