National Nature Reserves

Scotland’s National Nature Reserves (NNRs) are world-class nature sites which help safeguard a great variety of animals, plants, geological features and landscapes. NNRs offer superb opportunities for people to get close to, enjoy, and learn more about Scotland’s natural history.

Lochaber’s three National Nature ReservesRum from Morar. The major layered units on Allival and Askival are clearly visible

  • Isle of Rum – once the core of a volcano, the island was one of the earliest human settlement sites in Scotland.
  • Ariundale Oakwoods – an ancient mossy oakwood, of a type that was once widespread along the Atlantic coast.
  • Glen Roy – site of the famous ‘Parallel Roads’ – among the most remarkable landforms in Britain created by glacial action.

Two of the five NNRs, Rum and Glen Roy, are recognised specifically for their geological importance.