A world made of crystals – Friends of Lochaber Geopark talk

Kentallenite? Strontianite? Mullite? They are all minerals that have been found close to or in Lochaber Geopark and subsequently named after the place that they were discovered to be naturally-occurring.

We were lucky enough to have Professor Ian Parsons FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Mineralogy and Vice-Chairman of Lochaber Geopark, provide a talk for our Friends of Lochaber Geopark summer events series on ‘A world made of crystals’ on Tuesday evening.

The relationship between crystals and minerals was explained: “A mineral is a naturally occurring crystalline solid with a definite, although not fixed, chemical composition, usually formed by a non-biological process.” Ian told us the history of mineralogy and crystallography and brought in instruments that have been used to study crystals.

Thank you, Ian, for a fascinating talk.