Lochaber Geopark. An Outdoors Playground, sculpted by Nature.

Lochaber Geopark is based in the Highlands of Scotland and boasts some of the best geology in the world. With the UK’s highest mountains, deepest lochs and stunning natural scenery, outdoor enthusiasts will find more than enough to keep them entertained. Everything you need to start planning your trip to Lochaber is right here.

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Fascinating Facts
  • Earthquakes

    Most modern day earthquakes in the Highlands are caused by the Earth's crust still readjusting after the melting of the last ice cap so…

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  • Ancient Mountains

    Much of the Lochaber area is built of rocks which once formed part of the Great Caledonian Mountain Chain. Remains of this chain can be seen…

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  • Meeting Of The Three Waters

    In the floor of Glen Coe below Coire Gabhail three streams join together where two dykes intersect. Over time the dykes have proved softer t…

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  • Tiger Rock

    A part of the local Appin Limestone which has alternating cream and orange colored layers is known as 'Tiger Rock'. Good examples …

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  • Chatter Marks

    A series of crescent-shaped cracks or indents called 'chatter marks' were created by stones or boulders in the base of a glacier b…

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Highest Mountain

Ben Nevis

Overlooking the town of Fort William, Ben Nevis is Britain’s highest mountain at 1344m. It's summit plateau provides stunning views across

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Education & Research

A core strength of Lochaber Geopark is the number of geologists who are consistently involved in the activities of the Geopark.

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