Lochaber Geopark’s publications range from free pamphlets to books, maps and guides:

Rock Routes pamphlet: Free map showing our interpretation panels around Lochaber and their connecting geological routes.

Geotrails pamphlets:  Thematic walks and stops in eight areas of Lochaber. The leaflets are best used on a car-based trip. Each involves six stopping places and short walks, showcasing the best geology Lochaber has on offer.




Geological Timeline: The history of the earth, drawn to scale, in one pamphlet, on stiff cardboard. Featuring the formation of the main rock types of Lochaber it describes the movement of the area from 13,000 km to the South to its the current position. The timeline is brightly coloured and illustrated.

Charles Darwin and the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy: Booklet describing the controversy between Charles Darwin and Louis Agassiz concerning the formation of the mysterious Parallel Roads.  






Birth of Ben Nevis: A compilation of geological articles published in the monthly magazine of Lochaber, Lochaber Life. This book tells you how Lochaber’s landscape formed.

Wild Lochaber Trails: Trails around Lochaber that take in the best of the ‘wild-side’ that is on offer, the wildlife and landscapes.








Exploring the Landscape of Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis:  Produced by the Geopark in partnership with Nevis Landscape Partnership and the British Geological Survey. A detailed geological map and walkers guide with high-quality graphics, that tells you how Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, was made.







What can rocks tell us: An educational poster on the basic principles of geology at the level of Primary School children. Visually impressive, the poster is a collaboration between our Vice Chairman and a local artist.