Glen Roy’s latest news

We’re delighted to share this new paper on the Parallel Roads published in the Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association journal, which was contributed to by some of our directors and geologists.


The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, Scotland: Geoconservation history and challenges

This will be available online until the 29th April 2017.


Before geologists unravelled the story of ice ages in Scotland, many people believed that the parallel lines on the hills were roads built by the ancient kings of Scotland. It was only in the 19th century that the first theories about glaciers were put forward. We now know that these ‘roads’ are in fact shorelines created by ice-dammed lakes. The best examples of the ‘parallel roads’ are found here in Glen Roy. Find out what Charles Darwin thought of the Parallel Roads when he visited in the 19th century, or check out this great resource created by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Glen Roy is a classic destination for a geology field trip, and thanks to the Geopark interpretation panels and geotrail leaflet, it makes a great afternoon trip out for a novice looking to take their first steps into a new hobby.

Glen Roy is also a National Nature Reserve, managed by Scottish Natural Heritage, making it a great place for wildlife spotters, with Red dear, pine-marten and ptarmigan living in the area.

If you want to learn more, stop in to the cosy Darwin’s Rest Cafe and Craft Shop in Roy Bridge where you can enjoy a good lunch, coffee and cakes whilst checking out the small display dedicated to the Parallel Roads.