Lochaber Geopark’s Videos on USB

If you have been to Lochaber Geopark’s Visitor Centre in Fort William you will have seen the fantastic videos being screened. You can now have a copy of these, on a stylish Lochaber Geopark USB stick!

There are 3 videos on the stick, the first two made in conjunction with the British Geological Survey (BGS):

  1. Two ancient volcanoes and a mighty fault. This tells the story of Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and the Great Glen.  It swoops up and down the best and biggest geological features of Lochaber and explains their formation. (26.25mins)
  2. Journey to the  Small Isles.  Fly along the Road to the Isles to the Sea of the Hebrides. Explore its pristine and beautiful coastline and the famous volcanic centres of Ardnamurchan, the Small Isles and Skye. (8.18mins)
  3. The Story of Ben Nevis.  A short film explaining how Britain’s highest mountain was formed.  (10.57mins)

Product Info: A wooden USB stick with 3 videos produced by Lochaber Geopark, pre-loaded.

Cost: £9.99 + P&P

The videos are all individually protected by copyright law. Please do not distribute outside personal use.


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