The Making of Snow

Did you know that a snowflake is a single ice crystal? Did you know that the pattern of a snowflake is always hexagonal and how it looks is controlled by the path it takes from sky to the ground?

The first day of December we were hoping that snow would fall… However, we managed to make our own at the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre.

The children had workbooks to fill-in during the workshop. In an hour and a half we covered the production of snow, from condensing ice in clouds, all the way down to which snow is the best to ski on. We had plenty of experiments which involved making 6-sided snowflakes, finding out what materials insulated snow best and we managed to make snow!

A review of the STEM subjects covered at the event:

  • Science of snow making (physics for why snow falls, chemistry of water and it’s states, atmospheric conditions)
  • Geometry of a snowflake
  • Real-life examples of snow use for instance the snow machines at Nevis Range
  • Chemistry of gritting roads

Thank you to the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre for letting us have the event there. We would also like to Nevis Range for telling us about their snow machines and the science behind how they produce snow!

Thank you to the kids for coming along!