A trip along the Ardnamurchan peninsula takes you through beautiful scenery to the most westerly point on the British mainland

As you head towards the west you will pass through glens carved out by huge glaciers in rock formations that were once deposits on an ancient sea-bed, hardened more than 450 million years ago below a high Caledonian mountain range. The end of the peninsula is a famous ‘ring complex’ that formed beneath a great volcano 60 million years ago, when Europe and Greenland began to drift apart.

Visit pretty villages, stop at fantastic view points and take in a spot of fishing before arriving at beautiful beaches and the Ardnamurchan lighthouse.

The map below shows some highlights from the area, click the buttons to find out more. The Geotrail leaflet has six stopping points showing the different events that have shaped today’s landscape. To purchase a geotrail leaflet pack just visit our shop page.

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