The district of Morvern is made up of a fascinating variety of rocks that cover a huge span of geological time.

The oldest rocks tell a complex story of mountain-building events many hundreds of millions of years ago. The youngest rocks were created by spectacular volcanic eruptions, which took place about 60 million years ago. In between, there are layers which contain fossils from the time of the dinosaurs.

It is also a place of breathtaking beauty. The sea lochs of Lochaber isolate Morvern, giving it a remote and wild feel. This is an ideal place to find peace and quiet, and savor the great variety of activities on offer.


There are many delightful walks in Morvern, through deciduous forests, along the coast, or over rough moorland. Visit for a list of walks.


The untouched nature of Morvern makes it a fantastic destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Red dear, roe dear, fox, and pine martin along with gold crest, coal tits, and spotted flycatchers make it a great place to observe nature.

A great way to explore Morvern is by following our geotrail (a driving route) through Morvern, using the stops to take in the view and learn about the geology of the area.

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