UHI School of Adventure Studies Trip

A trip to Glen Roy

On Tuesday 2nd of October the students on the course “Adventure geography: the Scottish perspective” from UHI West Highland College were taken to Glen Roy (NNR) for a field trip on Quaternary geology of the Parallel lines of Lochaber. Dr Melvyn Giles lead the trip with our staff geologist also there. The students were taken through the underlying geology of the area, theories of the parallel lines formations, glacial formations, climate, more recent geographical features and the change of landuse of Glen Roy.

The objectives of the trip were:

1 A greater appreciation of the significance of geological processes in shaping the landscape around us

2 An improved ability to identify features of the landscape and types of processes around them

3 A broad understanding of the sequence of events responsible for the present day landscape of Glen Roy

We even managed to get some field sketches in. Thank you to Dr Jamie Maxwell (UHI lecturer) for asking us to take the trip, we enjoyed it thoroughly!