We are lucky enough to have two volunteers, that study geography, from our local High School. Matthew and Thomas have been doing small projects in the Visitor Centre recently.

They went through the Geopark’s publications archive and have put some of them around the Visitor Centre. So come in and take a look, see if you can find them and have a read!

Over the years that we have been open, since 2015, the visitors book has been signed by many people.  Matthew and Thomas have gone through the book and picked out 5 review highlights:

“Very interesting information, I learnt a lot of new things”

“Fantastic for the kids, very welcoming and a lovely experience”

“Excellent visitor centre. Really enjoyed reading the displays which are clear and informative. As a geologist by background I was very impressed!”

“The sort of centre you yearn to find… and lovely to! Informative, welcoming, absolutely superb display.”

“What a fantastic visitor centre, especially the sand pit! Love it!”


Thank you Matthew and Thomas.