Wildlife in the Geopark

Talk and photo presentation with David Findlay OBE

2-3pm on Wednesday 2nd, 16th and 18th August


The geology of Lochaber has created the perfect environment for an incredible diversity of wildlife, with mountains, lochs, glens, islands and the North Atlantic all contributing to the abundant rich variety of life that can be seen in and around Lochaber.

This one-hour photo presentation takes you on a trip around Lochaber Geopark looking at the wildlife both on land and sea, what you can see, and with information on the best places to spot from. See whales, dolphins, basking sharks, golden and sea eagles, otters, puffins, red squirrels, seals, deer and a wide variety of birds.

After I retired as an MD in the Automotive Industry, I was able to better enjoy my hobby of wildlife photography, in particular from my boat Ptarmigan. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to see and then to try and photograph the amazing wildlife in and around Lochaber. I spend all year searching for the right spots and recording my sightings, I hope you can come along to the Geopark Visitor Centre and enjoy the photo presentation. I know it will surprise you just how amazing the local wildlife is in the Geopark, probably the very best in UK, but keep that a secret!