Winter Geology Talks


It’s that time of year again!

Jim Blair of Lochaber Geopark is running a series of winter geology talks at the National Trust Visitor Centre in Glencoe.


There will be four talks, themed “An introduction to Geology, with particular reference to Lochaber and Scotland”. All sessions can stand alone though there will be a sequence of topics:

  • Friday 10th November, 9.30am. Practical session with specimens, maps, quizzes and bring your own rocks for identification and discussion.  No prior knowledge required.
    10.15 – 10.45. Coffee break in the NTS cafe.
    11.00 to c.12.30. Presentation, discussion, answers to quizz, etc.
    12.30 Lunch. Bring your own or in the NTS cafe.
  • Friday 8th December, 9.30am. Practical session:- rock hand specimens – how not to look like a puzzled Sherlock Holmes when using a ‘jeweller’s loup’ hand lens. Also see rocks in plane and polarised light using a petrological microscope! Later there will be a presentation on plate tectonics, continental collisions and mountain building, with special reference to the formation of the Caledonian Mountains.
  • 12th January
  • 9th February
  • 9th March, 11.30am – 12.30pm. Brian Leslie, Senior Geologist for the BGS will be speaking on the modern uses of geology in reference to Singapore.


Each morning will cost £10 and the last one will be free if you’ve attended the previous three, or £30 to pay upfront for the whole series. Cafe bills are not included.

On fine weather days there could be an optional local field excursion after lunch. Please bring stout footwear, waterproofs, cameras, binoculars, walking poles, etc. just in case.

There’s no need to sign up in advance, but if you have any questions, please do get in touch with the geopark.

email:       phone: 01397 705314