A rock with a porpidia lichen covering it.

On Saturday 9th of March we were treated to a workshop by Andy Acton, an expert in Lichenology, organised by Nevis Landscape Partnership. Rocks, amongst other landscape features such as trees, are important substrates for lichens to grow on. Umbilicaria cylindrica, in the 2nd photo, grows on siliceous rocks. Often unnoticed, lichens can take hundreds of years to reach their current growth state that is seen today. Their growth is affected by climate; pollution levels; physical factors such as surface texture or degree of shading of a substrate; substrate chemistry (e.g. whether it’s alkaline or acidic).
The last photo shows lichens white worm and sphaerophorus fragilis that are found in mountainous terrain such as Aonach Mor, which is in Lochaber Geopark. These mountains would not be here without the geological past of our mountain forming crust.
British Science Week has begun and with a couple of events on this week we are excited to spread our science knowledge and learn knew things such as the exciting world of Lichens that we were introduced to today.