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Lochaber Geopark – a wonderful outdoor attraction based in the Scottish Highlands

We recently collaborated with on why their guests should visit us here at Lochaber Geopark. Find out what they discovered in the latest guest post:

Having great and memorable attractions near to where you’re staying add to the hotel break. For guests looking for hotels in the highlands we recommend a visit to the magnificent Lochaber Geopark.

Let’s find out more…

Situated in the Scottish Highlands, this picturesque and enthralling location is perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Blessed with jaw-dropping scenery, the UK’s tallest mountains and with the most magical lochs, it’s a geology paradise.

The Geopark at Lochaber is the perfect place to come to stand in awe of the beauty surrounding you. These kind of attractions promote the outstanding geological heritage and educate for the benefit of the local population.

To find out more on what makes a Geopark click here.  What should we do when visiting the Geopark?

There are loads of things to see and explore when visiting Lochaber Geopark. In our opinion you probably need more than one day to get the most out of it because there is so much opportunity to learn, create new memories and see natural beauty in its natural element.

There are several Geotours available. We suggest one of these trips as they give visitors a great insight into Lochaber, the glens, lochs and the geological importance of the area.

There are also custom tours available which can be viewed here.

What are other highlights which we should know about?

The Lochaber Geopark Visitor Centre

Head to Fort William to learn even more about the geo map and landscape of Lochaber with the Visitor Centre. Filled with rocks and mineral specimens, the Visitor Centre is a place to come to get a real understanding of the local area from a geological perspective. The viewing screen at the back of the centre is a must.

Great for kids. They will have fun discovering the various puzzles, fossil digs, an augmented reality interactive iSandbox with erupting volcanoes and topography models, and more!

The centre is open from Monday through Friday 10am till 4pm and the same on Saturday.

Darwins Rest Coffee Shop and Craft Shop

Visiting here is a must during your day of exploring. Situated at Roy Bridge, at the entrance to Glen Roy, one of the most famous geology localities in the area. A family friendly café with a great variety on the menu. You get fantastic views of Ben Nevis on the road to Roy Bridge, particularly if you visit the Commando Memorial near Spean Bridge.

The Lochaber Geopark is a place to be discovered. A real gem of an attraction showing the true beauty of the Scottish Highlands. It’s a must when in this part of the world!