Drifting Apart Conference

This November 20th – 23rd 2016 Lochaber Geopark will be hosting a two day conference of 17 delegates from our partner geoparks of the Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme or the Drifting Apart Project www.driftingapart.eu.

They will be travelling from from as far afield as Canada, Russia, Iceland, Norway and Ireland including the two other Scottish geoparks, North West Highland and Geopark Shetland.

The geology of the Northern Periphery and Arctic provides a common link between seemingly diverse regions. Millions of years of moving continents, mountain building, volcanic activity, changing climates and sea levels, erosion and deposition have shaped our landscape.

This project involves partner organisations from six locations working together over the next three years to explore the common geological heritage of the Northern Peripheries area. The focus will be on conservation of sites of geological importance through education and awareness, development of a transnational tourism trail and exploring best practice in terms of geopark development.